About Valerie

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Valerie Griffiths, Yoga Instructor

Valerie Griffiths is a Vinyasa yoga instructor at Newport Power Yoga and owner of The Breathing Barn yoga studio in Portsmouth, RI. A yoga enthusiast for twenty years, Valerie completed over five hundred training hours through Live Love Teach in 2014 and has been teaching ever since. She is certified to lead Intro to Gongs for meditation and healing and guides Yoga Nidra practices and meditation. She leads individuals and groups in matching their breath to movement and developing consciousness. Valerie is a believer in showing up for each session with no expectation, meeting and welcoming yourself exactly as you are in that moment. Her mantra is, “Each one of us is so much more than our thoughts,” a saying that guides her practice. She believes that in stillness and quiet, we find our true selves. We are here to learn the beauty and love within each of us and share it with the collective. Valerie is a passionate vegan who loves bold flavors, and she is motivated by compassion and kindness.

‘Live, Love, Teach’ philosophy.

A lifelong athlete, I was accustomed to a high-energy lifestyle and a focus on nutrition. Yet, despite being in good physical health, I could feel an element was missing.

 After a running injury almost two decades ago, I went to my first vinyasa class. Vinyasa yoga gave me the concentration and awareness I missed in my other activities. It sparked a pivot in my life. By learning about myself on the mat, I found clarity that I could apply to all facets of my life.

Since my early classes, I became an advocate for the benefits of vinyasa yoga. Each time I enter a yoga class, as student or teacher, I leave with a sense of invaluable learning about my own strength and potential. I strive to help all my students find this fulfillment.